četrtek, 15. november 2007


I'm presenting you a picture of Akrapovič's exhaust system that's our very famous manufacturer of exhaust system for 4stroke motor bikes.


photo by: g33k0

sreda, 14. november 2007

Gas Show

on 17.November 2007 will be in Vrtojba gas show
more info. at
you are welcome!!!

četrtek, 25. oktober 2007

when did i start using the Internet?

Oh it is a long time ago when I was using www for the first time may bee in previous school. I only remember when i was connecting to www from my home computer for a first time. I don't know how long it is from that but i remember that this time it was for me something important. It was only 56k line but for that time it was one very good connection to the Internet. if a looking how was Internet connection improved in a few years it is now days 56k connection on very very slow link to the outside world. With now days connections world become smaller and smaller!

torek, 09. oktober 2007

About me!

I'm Janoš Vičič 19 years old boy from Vogrsko, a village near Nova gorica. I'm 180cm tall, I have dark hair and eyes. I've finish a secondary computer school and now I have sign in mechatronics school. In my free time I' m raiding a bike.